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I have taught in California, Illinois, and Virginia. I have worked in the high school classroom for twenty years and junior college level for four years. My area of teaching experience is in Mathematics.

I hold Bachelor of Arts degrees in Math and Psychology. My Master is in Public Administration and I am all but dissertation for a PhD in Public Policy and Administration.

My teaching philosophy is simple: everyone learns in their own way. It is my job to discover that way and to use it to help all students learn.

Education is important to me. I have always struggled with academics, but I never let anything stop me from getting my education. I am of the mind that 99% of success is determination, the last 1% is strategy and knowledge.

Anyone and everyone can learn. You just have to give it your best shot.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Humboldt State University - Bachelors, Mathematics/Psychology

Graduate Degree:

 South University-Savannah - Masters, Public Administration

Too many to mention.