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I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology degree at Loyola University Chicago and graduated with laudatory honors in 2015. My goal is to earn a Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant degree in order to become a Physician Assistant. I will be matriculating to a P.A. program in May 2017. I am passionate about helping others and it is fulfilling to see my efforts have a positive effect on another person, whether it be in a medical or educational setting. My favorite part about being a tutor is helping students gain confidence and become excited about subjects they have struggled with in the past. I enjoy tutoring Mathematics and Science because there is typically more than one approach to understanding concepts. In Mathematics, there are multiple methods to solving problems and relating their applications to the real world. With Science, there are many ways to explain processes, including through the use of analogies and metaphors. However, standardized exam preparation is my favorite subject to tutor because it requires the development of strategies as well as knowledge. It allows students to improve critical thinking skills that will not only be useful for exams, but in their future academic, professional, and personal ventures. As a tutor, my aim is to provide students with the assistance they need in the present and the motivation to continue to succeed in the future.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Loyola University Chicago - Bachelors, Biology

ACT Reading: 31

I love to explore new places and to travel. I would consider myself a foodie and I enjoy trying new dishes as well as cooking. My hobbies include spending time with my dog outdoors, solving puzzles and games, attending concerts and music events, as well as, watching home renovation shows on HGTV. I also enjoy watching sporting events such as NHL hockey and motorcycle racing. I am interested in science and medicine, and like to read about new innovations and discoveries. I love spending time with my friends, whether we are simply watching Netflix or out and about, it is always a good time.

Anatomy & Physiology

College Biology

High School Biology