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I am currently a student at the University of Chicago, majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. I have tutored students of all ages and all levels of interest in mathematics. I have also worked at the National Museum of Mathematics, encouraging people to explore the beautiful and fun side of math! I tutor any and all math students, as well as certain physics courses and preparation for standardized tests. When preparing for exams,
I give the students a guide for how to approach an unfamiliar question, emphasize the importance of careful question reading, and work to build their confidence. I make sure the student is always drawing on their understanding of a subject when they are going through a question, and reinforce the connections between the concepts they learn and how to apply them.

My tutoring philosophy is centered around targeting the needs of each individual student, and I try to be as patient and encouraging as I can. I am also genuinely passionate about any subject I tutor, and I believe that while learning can be a challenge for a student, it should never be scary. Overall, I want to give my students a positive experience that makes them confident in the knowledge they have and empowered to continue to learn and face challenges! In my spare time, I enjoy yoga, theater, dogs, and origami.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Chicago - Current Undergrad, Mathematics, Computer Science

SAT Composite: 2310

SAT Math: 740

SAT Verbal: 770

SAT Writing: 800

Mathematical art, yoga, origami, theater