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My name is Pete and I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer. I spent 2014-2016 in Westmoreland, Jamaica, helping organize farmers in a community-based co-operative.

I came back home May 21st, and I'm looking to make the next step in my career. However, I intend to only take a job doing something I'm passionate about. While I pursue that opportunity, I'd like to tutor you in any way I can!

I'm something of a human swiss army knife, I have marginal abilities in several different areas. Mostly, I love to write, read, and listen. There are few Hemingway's or Angelou's in the world, but the rest of us can still be clear, effective writers!

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Minnesota-Duluth - Bachelors, International Studies

Chess, Rugby, NBA, N64


College Business

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College Level American History

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High School Economics

High School English

High School Level American History