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I graduated from Rice University cum laude with a B.A. in Biological Sciences. My goal as a tutor is not to simply help students with their homework but to make sure that they get a complete grasp of the concepts they are trying to learn. I taylor my tutoring sessions based on the individual because each student has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. This allows me to use practice problems from trusted resources along with problems that I craft on my own to ensure that the student's weak points are properly tended. Additionally, designing each session based on the individual prevents from wasting time covering material that he/she is already proficient in.

I have a wide range of experience as a tutor. Since my freshmen year in college, I have worked with students ranging from refugee children in middle school to full-time college students. I prefer tutoring students 1-on-1 because it allows me to devote all of my resources towards helping him/her. 1-on-1 tutoring also allows me to build a strong, personal relationship with my students. To me, this is important because it establishes a sense of trust and respect between the tutor and the student, which is of utmost importance for a student to learn well because it allows for the student to be forthcoming about what exactly they need help with.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Rice University - Bachelors, Biological Sciences

ACT Composite: 34

ACT English: 33

ACT Math: 35

ACT Reading: 36

ACT Science: 33

SAT Composite: 2100

SAT Math: 800

SAT Writing: 710

MCAT: 520

AP Chemistry: 5

AP Calculus AB: 5

AP Calculus BC: 5

AP Statistics: 4

AP US History: 4

SAT Mathematics Level 2: 800

SAT Subject Test in Chemistry: 730

SAT Subject Test in U.S. History: 720

MCAT Biological Sciences: 131

MCAT Physical Sciences: 131

MCAT Verbal Reasoning: 129

AP U.S. Government & Politics: 5