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My personal academic journey started with an aptitude for mathematics which blossomed into many avenues of STEM courses. My particular fields of interest include not only mathematics, but biology and chemistry as well. These branches of science started as early as elementary school and strengthened in middle school and high school as my curiosity and passion grew. I remember taking as many classes as I could because I was highly invested in learning. This gift and passion lead me to teach others, and soon I found a new gift in teaching. This gift has been easily paired with my desire to learn in my most favorite subject, medicine.

In the course of my school work, I have taken numerous biology courses such as genetics, cell biology, developmental biology, and physiology. Additionally, I have advanced in chemistry and in mathematics, taking all three calculus classes, linear algebra, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry.

In the future I aspire to pursue a career in the medical field to combine the best of Chinese medicine and Western medicine to revolutionize the health industry. By integrating the two forms of medicine, it opens up a broader spectrum for patients to learn about their individual health in numerous ways. I hope to share my knowledge of both forms of medicine and change the world. Along the way I will always strive to teach as many as I can with a desire to learn, because knowledge should always be shared.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Augustana College - Bachelors, Biology

Track & Field, Watercolor & Oil Painting, Drawing, Hiking, Swimming, and reading science fiction & fantasy novels

College Biology

College Chemistry

General Biology

Social Sciences