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I spent the last 4 years in Fort Worth, Texas getting my Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Christian University and graduated in May of 2016. Now, looking forward, I am at UCLA working on my Master’s degree, also in Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis in structural dynamics and mechanical vibrations.

My tutoring experience has been largely informal, but throughout my academic career, I have continuously spent much of my time helping my friends and classmates to understand subjects we were working on in class. I tutor in college level math and engineering classes, as well as high school level design, math and physics courses. Of course, I enjoy helping students most in the topics that most interest me in mechanical engineering, but I believe that I excel in helping others understand the world through math and science in any subject.

My tutoring philosophy is ground in the idea that the world can be understood and explained through math and science, and that these subjects provide us with the necessary tools to gain that understanding. I believe that the best way to be successful in a course is through understanding the material, not just being able to regurgitate it. In addition, there is no one best way to learn a subject. I understand that each student’s path to full comprehension of a topic is different than the next, and I pride myself on being able to explain often complex topics in engineering and math in a variety of ways to find the approach that best garners understanding. These approaches can include metaphors, real-life applications, examples, mathematical derivations, and others. No one approach is superior to the others on its own, and I prefer to use more than one to ensure a more wholesome understanding by a student.

Outside of school, I am an athlete and an outdoorsman. I spend my time playing for the club water polo team at UCLA, refereeing NCAA soccer, hanging out at the beach, bodysurfing, backpacking and exploring the great outdoors of this beautiful country.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Texas Christian University - Bachelors, Engineering (Mechanical Emphasis)

Graduate Degree:

 University of California-Los Angeles - Current Grad Student, Mechanical Engineering

GRE Quantitative: 170

GRE Verbal: 159

Water Polo, Soccer, Hiking, Backpacking, Body surfing, Traveling, Cooking.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

IB Mathematical Studies

IB Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering

Spanish 1