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I have been a tutor in math, chemistry, and biology for a number of years. Personally I really enjoy working with students and helping to reduce their frustration. I have worked with students ranging from elementary school up to college. Each student I have worked with significantly improved their grades and confidence in the subjects we worked on. The math material I have covered spans from elementary math to calculus, while the science material includes general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology. One of my favorite successes so far was helping a student studying for dental school admission test. Working together on math, chemistry, and biology, she was able to raise her test score to the top 5% in America.

My average chemistry course performance is an -A in classes from general chemistry up through organic chemistry. In several of my math and science classes I frequently attended study groups where I helped teach students material as a way of helping others and reaffirming my understanding of the material myself. Twice I scored the highest exam grade in classes with over 100 students.

Learning a new subject can be frustrating. You may feel you will never understand the material or be frustrated that others seem to learn the subject quickly. These feelings are perfectly normal, but can be very temporary. I absolutely love to help people understand math and science and guarantee anyone can learn their subjects.

Undergraduate Degree:

 The Ohio State University - Bachelors, Chemical Engineering