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Hallo und Gruess Gott! I am a native German – born and raised for the first 22 years of my life. I came to the States about 4 years ago to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies in the scenic state of Washington, and just moved to Dallas with my beautiful wife. At my previous college, I instantly became the Teaching Assistant for German, tutoring several students on a weekly basis in a language lab as well as on a personal level when needed. As my wife is from the U.S., I also try to teach her some German – with at least some success :)

I have always enjoyed languages, having formally studied French and English for 7 years each, and Biblical Greek for 3 years. Biblical Hebrew will be another daunting task for my upcoming studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, which I will be attending next Spring Semester.

Even during high school I tutored students in languages, and taught a semester-long Greek class last year. There were times in high school when I struggled especially with French, but grace and self-determination helped me buckle down and learn how to study. As teaching and education always have been my passion, I desire to teach what I had to learn by myself: knowing how to study independently! Hopefully I will be able to help you with that as you enjoy interacting with a stereotypical German :)

Undergraduate Degree:

 Moody Bible Institute - Bachelors, Biblical Studies

Graduate Degree:

 Dallas Theological Seminary - Masters, Master of Theology

Soccer, Reading, Theology, Movies

Conversational German

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