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Education should inspire students. It should cause students to think as individuals, to expand their world views and to invoke an appreciation of culture and diversity. Spanish is the perfect tool to accomplish these goals. As an old proverb says, you can “live a new life for every new language you speak.”

These goals cannot be reached without a productive and caring learning environment. As their teacher, I am their role model. For my students to value education, I must show them my passion for the subject and provide them with the support and care that will enable them to fulfill their personal best in language acquisition. My students feel comfortable and respected in my classroom and this, too, goes hand in hand with my teaching.

I treat my students as responsible individuals who are preparing to set out, on their own, into the wider world. Providing adolescents emotional and social support allows them to feel their strength and in turn they develop trust and confidence in navigating the world before them. I must be available to them not only as a teacher of language but also as a person who connects with their struggles and guides them through their difficulties.

My job as a teacher is to empower students to become strong individuals, who confidently speak Spanish, and are ready to move forward as engaged citizens in a global world.

Undergraduate Degree:

 DePaul University - Bachelors, Spanish & Education

Graduate Degree:

 Middlebury College - Masters, Spanish

Speaking Spanish. Travel. Reading. Running.

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