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I am passionate about learning, that's why I spent my time in college pursuing three majors. I care not only about what we learn, but also how we do so. I value scientifically proven methods of low stakes quizzing and interleaving of topics in my teaching. I find that students who realize how to learn become much more engaged in their material, regardless of what it is they are learning. My degree in classical studies has given me a command of language of which I am proud, and this, coupled with my training and work as an actor, has enabled me to communicate concepts to students with numerous, precise, and individualized explanations. Students are often shocked by how bearable their least favorite subjects become when they're not so painful or scary. I try to give them the tools to make that happen.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Xavier University - Bachelors, Classical Studies; Philosophy, Politics, and the Public; Theatre

Theatre, reading (Homer to Harry Potter), video games, coffee, and pretentious indie music.

10th Grade

10th Grade Math

10th Grade Reading

10th Grade Writing

11th Grade

11th Grade Math

11th Grade Reading

11th Grade Writing

12th Grade

12th Grade Math

12th Grade Reading

12th Grade Writing

6th Grade

6th Grade Math

6th Grade Reading

6th Grade Writing

7th Grade

7th Grade Math

7th Grade Reading

7th Grade Writing

8th Grade

8th Grade Math

8th Grade Reading

8th Grade Writing

9th Grade

9th Grade Math

9th Grade Reading

9th Grade Writing

Adult Literacy


College English

Creative Writing

Elementary School

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Reading

Elementary School Writing



High School

High School English

High School Writing

HSPT Language Skills Prep

HSPT Reading Prep

HSPT Verbal Prep

College Math

Introduction to Poetry

Middle School

Middle School Reading

Middle School Writing

Persuasive Writing

Poetry Writing


Study Skills and Organization