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After a year of teaching English in high school and many years working as a substitute teacher, it has become clear that my talents and abilities are best suited for teaching one-on-one. There is nothing more satisfying that watching the light of understanding flash on in a student's eyes when they finally understand something they have been struggling to grasp.

I believe in an inter-disciplinary style of teaching, particularly where literature is concerned. Writers have been drawing from history, religion, mythology, folklore, and even science and mathematics to feed their imaginations for hundreds of years. As such, a student cannot truly appreciate the scope of a literary work without at least a superficial understanding of where the writer found inspiration.

I also believe that grammar and vocabulary skills have fallen tragically to the wayside in education, and I strive to help students write in a manner that does not strain credibility as so many often do in this day and age. Every field of study benefits from proper writing skills and the critical thinking that is required to properly analyze and understand a work of literature.

As a professional writer and editor, I am particularly interested in helping students hone their writing skills.

My degree is in English, and I have a minor in secondary education. I also work as a professional writer, ghostwriter, and editor, and I have been practicing and honing my craft for over twenty years. Writing and literature have always been my passion, and I continually engage in independent study to increase my knowledge and understanding. The opportunity to help a student is an opportunity for me to learn something as well.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Shorter University - Bachelors, English

Writing, etymology, ancient history, reading, hiking, mythology and folklore, camping, baking, computer games.