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The best way to practice a language is to live it. That's why I continue to keep up with my language skills on a daily basis by speaking, listening, writing, and thinking in French. Learning another language not only allows you to better understand that language and the culture which has influenced it, but it also helps you learn your own language better.

Hello! I am John Cardas Martin. I include my middle name because John Martin is, I believe, the most common name in the world. Originally from St. Louis, MO, I have lived in the Washington, D.C. area, Springfield, IL, Chicago, IL, and most-recently, Los Angeles, CA. Graduating from Loyola University Chicago in 2011, I made the Rogers Park neighborhood my home for the years following graduation. Rogers Park is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country, with many residents having been born in Africa, Europe, East Asia, India, and South America. Rogers Park is, and will always be, home. During my college years, I saw the comings and goings of many Rogers Park-"ers" by working at the local Starbucks. I also enjoyed tutoring many foreigners in the area in English, and made one of the best decisions ever in traveling abroad to France, and spending a semester studying in Paris during my senior year.

Where was my French degree going to get me? Well, at first, I didn't really know. I just knew I loved the language, and was very talented at it. As it turns out, my French skills helped me land every job following college. first, working at the front desk of the Westin Hotel, and then, at the financial data and research company, Morningstar Inc., which needed a French-speaker for its French-Canadian operations. Three years later, I find myself in Los Angeles, exploring a new land, working on film sets, and still speaking my adopted language. Having lived in Chicago for 8 years, since the age of 18, it was time for a move. Personally, I need to know how far I can spread my wings, and so far, I'm loving exploring California. Koreatown is my new home, and my new food of choice, (and I know this sounds cliché!)...tacos.

My days here are a mix of two worlds. When I'm working on set, it's a 12-hour day of gripping, nothing but. When not working on any film sets, I generally wake early, make 2 cups of coffee and spent a good hour reading the Wall Street Journal. The opinion page is the first go-to, then the real-estate section, (I love real estate and have invested in properties in Chicago). Then, I'll turn to whatever catches my fancy. I work part time for a social media brand, Positively Woof, and will spend some time working on Facebook, Youtube, etc. In the afternoon, I'll turn on a personal finance podcast and go on a walk (yes, before you even ask,..this is my idea of fun). A walk to me is about 90 minutes or more. I love long walks. My shoes, on the other hand, get pretty worn out; WSS here I come! I'm a cook, but also love a few Korean restaurants nearby, so, for dinner, I'm either cooking for myself or indulging in steamed dumplings, soy sauce, kimchi...the works. None of my friends are big fans of Karaoke, which is a mainstay of many establishments in my neighborhood, but I'm working up the courage to have a go at it on my own.

Born with the most common name in the world, but, as you'll get to know me, certainly not the most common person in the world...

Undergraduate Degree:

 Loyola University-Chicago - Bachelors, French Language and Literature

Architecture, investing, cooking, hiking, film, French, sudoku,

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