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My first tutoring experience was during my high school years when I tutored my classmates before the exams. I was so excited to help them in their struggling area and happy to see them getting better grades. Thanks to my classmates who I tutored! Because that's how I learned how to teach and decided to become a teacher. So, I attended the university and got a double major in Chemistry and Education. I continued my informal teaching career and tutored my classmates during my university years as well.

Right after graduation, my professional teaching career started and I became a high school Chemistry and ESL teacher in Mongolia. I loved my students and they liked me also. Not only I helped the low performing students but also prepared the advanced performers to National and International Chemistry Olympiads. While doing my Master's degree in Chemistry and Education, organizing city-wide science fairs was one of my favorite. I became the Head of Chemistry Teachers and started to train them by organizing professional development sessions, performing chemistry experiments, evaluating their in-class teachings, and preparing curriculum and instructional materials.

Meanwhile, I also enjoyed teaching English as a Second Language and organizing language contests throughout the city. I enjoyed my wonderful nine years in Mongolia a lot...

After moving to United States, I continued my teaching career and organized professional development seminars.

Now, I am helping students in my community as a certified tutor and enjoy teaching!

Undergraduate Degree:

 Marmara University - Bachelors, Chemistry and Education

Graduate Degree:

 Mongolian National University - Masters, Chemistry And Education

soccer, movies, board games

College Chemistry

High School Chemistry