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I grew up in St. Petersburg, and attended Rice University in Houston, Texas for the last four years. I will graduate from the university in May of this year with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, with a current GPA of 4.00. I will be pursuing my PhD in mechanical engineering beginning in the Fall of 2016. I believe that my experiences with math, both theoretical and applied, along with my experiences working with students make me an excellent candidate to be your tutor.

Through my college coursework, I am confident that I am capable of teaching any level of math that a student might request (my upper level math coursework includes differential equations, multivariable calculus and linear algebra). However, I believe that an even stronger quality I possess is my knowledge of the applications of mathematics to the real world and potential fields of study. In school, one of the toughest things many students face with math is a feeling that there is no purpose or application of what they are studying in classes. At the high school level, there is very little focus on the purpose for the study of math; instead, all of the focus is simply on learning methods to solve a particular type of problem. Through my experience, when both motivating people to learn math and when assisting with the concepts, being able to give physical examples of the mathematics greatly assists the student. The majority of a mechanical engineering degree is the application of math to real world applications.

In addition, I scored well on standardized tests taken throughout my career. I scored a 2270 on the SAT and a 168/170 on the GRE Math, 169/170 on the GRE Verbal and a 5/6 on the essay portion. These experiences allow me to effectively help students prepare for standardized tests.

In addition to my knowledge of the subject material and its applications, I believe that I have the interpersonal skills to be an effective tutor. The summer after my senior year in high school, I served as a summer camp counselor in St. Pete, where I was effectively able to connect with students of middle school age. Additionally, while in college, I served in as the Chief Justice of my residential college. The position saw me serve as an around the clock resource for students to assist with crisis situations and handle disciplinary issues within the college. The skill set may not seem to immediately transfer to a tutoring scenario; however, I believe the skills will be a great benefit. Serving as Chief Justice taught me how to connect, interact and help people in high stress situation where the other person was often frustrated. This is often how students feel, to a lesser extent, when struggling with grasping material. The skill set will enable me to effectively work with students in such a state and push through it to learn the material and alleviate the stress.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Rice University - Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Degree:

 Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus - Current Grad Student, Mechanical Engineering with Focus in Robotics and Controls

GRE Quantitative: 168

GRE Verbal: 169

Football, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Video Games