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As a teacher, I was fortunate to receive extensive training on rigorous learning environments and how this high-quality education can and must be accessible to all students. Guided by my own research of contemporary practices and self-initiated professional development, I created an environment where all students feel capable and empowered to succeed in my Middle School Mathematics and third grade classes.

My focus on developing relationships has been crucial to my success as a teacher. Demonstrating genuine respect for my students has led them to attain self-confidence and a growth mindset. After a student entered my classroom insisting that she would never succeed in Mathematics at the beginning of the year, I relentlessly encouraged her by giving her consistent and positive feedback. Through differentiated instruction and a focus on self discipline, she and the other students ended the school year feeling capable of achieving their academic and personal goals. This result was also made possible by the relationships that I developed with their families when sharing successes and challenges.

Teaching in an international setting has made me an effective collaborator. The opportunity to develop instructional units with colleagues from diverse backgrounds has informed my own understanding and guided my growth as an educator. By remaining open to new ideas, I’ve been able to introduce meaningful coding and technology initiatives into the classroom, and to successfully implement a behavior management strategy that emphasizes empathy and compassion. Building strong relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and supervisors has made me a successful teacher.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Cornell College - Bachelors, Elementary Education

I am interested in web design, computer coding, playing the banjo, and reading.