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I am an experienced teacher who is dedicated to helping people improve their language skills. I've been a teacher for the last ten years with a diverse background. Teaching is my passion. It is the only job I see myself doing. I feel most comfortable when in front of a class or helping others on an individual basis.

I first starting tutoring in 2001 while studying to be a secondary English teacher at Eastern Michigan University. This experience helped kindle my passion for teaching, especially working with students one on one. After receiving my bachelor's degree in English education, I went back to my alma mater to refine my knowledge in English literature and writing. While studying for my MA in literature, I worked closely with my classmates in study groups. We helped each other break down difficult texts into their essential parts, thus making class discussions and term papers easier to manage. After graduating with honors, I started working at a small community college in Dearborn, Michigan. At Henry Ford Community College, I taught two sections developmental composition. My classes focused on grammar, usage, voice, and creation. Most of my students were either students who spoke English as their second language or who were first generation college students. After a year at HFCC, I spent seven years teaching English as a foreign language in South Korea. I mostly worked with elementary and middle school students, but I did have some adult students as well. I loved helping non-native English speakers improve their language skills, and I loved seeing my younger students develop in all language areas.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and spending time with my wife and dog. I am an avid reader who enjoys all genres of writing. I also enjoy listening to all sorts of music and discovering new bands and/or artists.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Eastern Michigan University - Bachelors, English Writing, Language, and Literature for Secondary Education

Graduate Degree:

 Eastern Michigan University - Masters, 20th Century/Contemporary English Literature

books, music, board games