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I have taught in high schools and universities in the Midwest and Northeast for nearly a decade and a half. Whether as a Latin teacher, Humanities professor, or Historian, I strive to connect my students to the past. I never thought history was relevant until one day in college, I stepped onto the Basilica Aemilia in Rome and was - like in some movie - stunned to physically feel that I was putting MY foot somewhere Julius Caesar had once put HIS foot. It wasn't just possible - it was a fact. I have never recovered!

It is this sort of a-ha moment that I hope my students find. I approach each student question as having multiple ways to get to the answer and, as a former college math major, I also try to get at cultural and linguistic problems from unexpected angles, like through the scientific method or pythagorean theorem. I reject the idea that some people can only do math and science while others only excel in English or History. I try to help students find strengths in one aspect of their lives to lead them to strengths and confidences in other, more unexpected subjects.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Villanova University - Bachelors, History; Classics

Graduate Degree:

 University of Wisconsin-Madison - PhD, Art History

Group Fitness, Marathons, Hiking, Travel

AP Latin

Art History

Foreign Language

Latin 1

Latin 3

Latin 4