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I have been tutoring mathematics, science, the ACT/SAT, and many other subjects for more than four years. I studied at the University of California San Diego and received my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry with minors in Cognitive Science and Music, and I later returned to earn my Masters degree in Chemistry. While in graduate school, I gained teaching experience by leading two Organic Chemistry lab classes of more than 20 students, and guiding them trough performing experiments and preparing for their examinations.
I have three brothers, one older and two younger, that have helped me approach teaching from a personalized approach by showing me that they do not respond to information in the same way. Each of them is an individual and has their own abilities that can be used to do great things. By studying Cognitive Science, I realized that each person approaches problem solving from a unique and interesting perspective, and that using their skill set to solve problems is much more successful than providing a general method that works for others. Motivation, stress, conceptual misunderstanding, poor study habits, lack of background knowledge, and lack of confidence are only some of the issues that hold students back from maximizing their potential, and I find great joy in developing a teaching method that assesses and corrects these issues.
I love to surf, play sports, listen to and play music, spend time with friends and family, and learn about anything and everything around me. As your tutor, I am excited to find out about your interests and struggles, and determine a strategy to help you approach learning in a way that builds confidence and understanding. I believe that confidence with regards to academics can carry over into everything else in life by showing a person that they have the ability to solve a problem that seemed daunting beforehand. I am looking forward to guiding you toward personal success and in your academic achievements so that the same "can do" approach carries over into other aspects of your life. You can achieve the goals that you set out to accomplish, and Varsity Tutors and I are excited to help guide you!

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of California-San Diego - Bachelors, Biochemistry/Chemistry

Graduate Degree:

 University of California-San Diego - Masters, Chemistry

GRE Quantitative Reasoning: 170

Music, basketball, surfing, football, food, friends, and family!

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