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I have never been the type to gloat, but before I can remember, I've been instructing. When watching home movies, it became a running joke in our family how often I was found, barely 3 or 4 years old, yelling random facts at people and demanding in a tiny squeaky voice that they answer my trivia questions. I began to tutor younger children during my high school years, quickly learning that my gifts in science and mathematics were not common, and many of my peers could benefit from a little extra tutelage.

In my time as a student, both in high school and in college, I participated in many extra curricular activities, such as soccer, softball, golf, boxing, mathletes, WAB Lab (Wicked Advanced Bio Lab), marching band, orchestra, the Student Senate and as a club Embassador for three of the student-run clubs on my campus. Today, I volunteer for a group called Outbound Dorchester, which encourages young students and previous students who dropped out of school in the Dorchester area to continue their education, and to offer support and assistance when needed. I also volunteer for 'builds' with a group called 'Working for Worcester', which goes to impoverished and underfunded areas in the Worcester area to build playground equipment, desks, and other necessities for elementary and middle school students.

Currently, I am a premedical student at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, with a previous degree in forensic science. I am interested in continuing my education for many years to become a forensic pathologist, also known as a forensic examiner. Their main duties are to determine the cause of death in the event of a possible crime, testify in court, examine the evidence collected at a crime scene, and most importantly- aid the authorities in solving crimes.

Many students, especially young girls, are not aware of how many opportunities are available to them in the STEM fields of study (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). As a first generation female Latina college student, I have made it a personal goal to encourage as many young students, including minorities and young women, to aim high in their goals and to NEVER give up, no matter how impossible their dreams may seem at times. Through countless obstacles and achievements, it became clear that the biggest obstacle each student has to face- is the student.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Massachusetts-Boston - Bachelors, Biology

puzzles, dancing, crafts, home improvement, hair and beauty

10th Grade Math

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