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I am a very helpful person and enjoy explaining my craft to people. I have always found computers and logic to be fascinating and love coming up with analogies to help relate the topics to people. I am a very practice coder. I can help any entry level programmer; as well as, challenge advance coders to push them to the next level. I've built an ALU from scratch and created my own IDE. I've solved intractable problems on a professional level. I've worked with computer vision on a collegiate level and some personal projects in my spare time. There is not a day that goes by that I'm not reusing my fundamentals in my day-to-day work; be it programming, analyzing, or software architecture.

I have been programming since I was 6 years old (1987). I first started programming in BASIC on a TI-99 computer. I formally began my education in 1998 in high school studying C++ and assisted my classmates in their studies. I was instrumental in the formation of a 3D design class using 3D Studio Max software in 1999. I am a Texas Tech graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. My most notable course work included data structures, artificial intelligence, and computer graphics (OpenGL).

I have been working within my industry since 1997 spanning languages such as Assembly,, C, C++, and C#. I am well versed in scripting languages such as PHP and Javascript. I have even done extensive work with Adobe Flash software. I currently dedicate most of my time to development with HTML5 combining server-side technology in conjunction with the Canvas element to create a rapid prototype IDE.

I have worked with teams and managed them as well. I have been instrumental in communicating development cycle to upper management in clear and concise ways. I can break down a topic from complex higher understanding to layman's terms. Throughout my career, I have ensured that myself and co-workers are practicing solid programming fundamentals. This ensures quality work and readable, reusable code.

If you have me as a tutor, I will make sure you leave with a solid understanding, and share tools and methods that will help integrate your skills into the work force.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Texas Tech University - Bachelors, Computer Science

I spend most of my time at my computer desk developing on personal projects or enjoying a video game. When I'm not at home, you can find me doing water sports or camping. I also play men's roller derby here in Houston. I've been working on a personal project since 2014 developing a web-base IDE for rapid prototyping and group collaborations.


AP Computer Science

AP Computer Science A



College Computer Science

Computational Problem Solving

Computer Game Design

Computer Programming

Data Structure

High School Computer Science





Software Engineering

Technology and Computer Science

Web Development