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I received my B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from UC Davis in 2013. During this time, I gained knowledge in chemistry both through classes and as an undergraduate researcher. Some of my coursework included Calculus, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. Since graduating, I have worked as a Laboratory Assistant for the Chemistry Department at UC Davis.

Aside from my education, I have several years of tutoring/teaching experience. I have been tutoring since sophomore year in high school (2005) with a focus in Mathematics and Chemistry. While in college, I worked for the UC Davis Physics Department as an undergraduate teaching assistant in Astronomy. In this position I worked closely with 75+ students per quarter.

Sadly, students often view math and science as difficult and boring subjects. This is usually the result of instructors focusing on memorizing formulas and facts. I like to focus on understanding the why and how rather than memorization. In addition, I find math and science incredibly fascinating subjects. My passion for these subjects shows in my teaching style and, as a result, students become more engaged.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of California, Davis - Bachelors, Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Running, hiking, swimming, cooking, and chemistry


College Chemistry

High School Chemistry

Honors Chemistry