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The best way to encapsulate my philosophy of education is to
share my belief that ALL students can learn, and that ALL students have
the right to develop their educational needs in a way so they have the
choice and ability to pursue college. I have several goals that I use in my
classroom that further this and that I have had great success with.
One of my goals is to challenge students and watch them grow to
their full potential. I want to take students at different levels and see
them develop together for the betterment of each individual. This
being said, group work is the key to having a successful class and is
something I value. The impact of group work, when students help
fellow students, impacts how all students grow and learn necessary 21st
Century collaborative skills.
As far as classroom management goes, my usual practice is to use
preventive and supportive behavior strategies more than corrective. I
achieve this by engaging lessons and clear expectations. Students
interested and engaged in learning do not as a rule choose to be
disruptive. If there is a need to correct student behavior, after the
correction I give the student a fresh start and treat them as I do other
Finally, I find creative ways to have the room set up and to help
my students learn. I teach content that is meaningful, applicable, and
inviting to students. If they do not see the point of the subject matter
then they will not be interested in it. I also believe that the high energy
levels and a positive attitude from me as their teacher are key elements
to a successful learning environment, and many students have learned
to love math from being in my classroom.

Undergraduate Degree:

 UCIrvine - Bachelors, Theater

I have a degree in theater and sang and acted for a living for years before I started teaching.