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My name is Diana. First and most important my mission is to help students understand, write and speak Spanish, I want my students to feel comfortable with me, I know first hand what it is to learn a new language. I came to U.S about 5 years ago, my birthplace is Mexico I lived there 14 years and I am a proud Latina. I came to CA and instantly went to high school where people would ask me the most simple questions and I wouldn't know what they were saying so I just agreed.
I want students to understand that they have nothing to be ashamed of, in the contrary they should feel proud because they are walking the extra mile, because they are looking and creating a new, bigger, better future for themselves I am just here to help in their transition.
I know how frustrating it is to learn new things and maybe even boring, but the reality is that we are exercising our brains making them stronger and more efficient, we are opening new doors and opportunities.
I'm looking forward to help students and work face to face or online with them. I want to see their progress and ultimately be like a parent and say "they grow so fast."
I am friendly and I make connections very fast. I hope to see students pass those tests, get that new job and hope to get to help someone and even learn myself new things.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Fullerton college - Current Undergrad, Criminal justice

I love to read, and sketch. my major is criminal Justice, i want to do CSI, my minor is art, I mostly do free hand, and animation. I actually enjoy school, I love my classes and i graduated with honors from high school, i played basketball and cross country, and track in high school and only cross country in college.