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Hello! My name is Hunter, and I am excited to be your tutor! I am currently a Ph.D. student at New Mexico State University in the Experimental Psychology Program. I am a sociocognitive psychologist, and am currently conducting research on cross-cultural religiosity and prejudice.

I am currently a Teaching Assistant for upper-division undergraduate students at my university, and starting next Spring I will be a full-fledged teacher at the undergraduate level. I took both International Baccalaureate courses in addition to Advanced Placement courses in high school, and have been involved in Honors courses and extra-curricular research activities since the beginning of my undergraduate education. Additionally, I have volunteered at the Student Success Center in multiple educational institutions.

I was a struggling student at certain points along the way in my academic career, and I valued the people who helped me get through both issues with comprehension and motivation, and fostered the skills within me to get to where I am today! It is my goal to provide those types of opportunities to all students alike, because we all have skills that can be cultivated with the proper tools!

Undergraduate Degree:

 San Francisco State University - Bachelors, Psychology

Graduate Degree:

 New Mexico State University - Current Grad Student, Psychology

SAT Writing: 650

Reading, writing, hiking, hanging out with my pets, playing the piano, playing the guitar, learning foreign languages, traveling, knitting, crafting, latch-hooking, doing jigsaw puzzles.

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