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Everyone can learn. Sometimes it takes longer for some to master the lesson, but it can be done. As a teacher, the best part of the day happened when a student mastered a lesson or a skill. It was a wonderful feeling when students proudly proclaimed "I got it!" during classroom tutoring. Often it's a hard road to get to that point and it is easy to just give up and stop trying. In my 15 years of teaching, many students started out having a difficult time, but ended up succeeding as they left my classroom. I still have students (now adults) that I run into at stores or other public places who have gone on to become successful adults in their lives. Ultimately, that's what it is all about. Education is all about being ready for the world.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Southern Methodist University - Bachelors, Broadcast Film

Graduate Degree:

 Southern Methodist University - Masters, Bilingual Education

Reading, Music, Running

College English

Conversational Spanish

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Reading

High School English

Middle School Reading

Middle School Reading Comprehension


Spanish 1