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I began my journey with Spanish in college. I chose to study Spanish because it is a beautiful and widely used language. I have a background in music and this has facilitated my acquisition of the language and helped me tune in to the cultural differences in the use of the Spanish language around the world, especially pronunciation. I have a wide variety of immersion experiences both in the US and abroad. In addition, I have an undergraduate degree in Spanish, ensuring that my language skills are also academically sound.

I have grown intellectually and emotionally from the journey of learning and using the Spanish language in my personal and professional life and I look to share this with anybody who is also trying to learn the Spanish language.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Luther College - Bachelors, Spanish

In addition to my interest in Spanish language, food, and culture, I am a musician. I enjoy playing my viola in symphonies and in small ensembles.

Conversational Spanish

Spanish 1