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I am a 20 year old of senior standing at the University of Michigan-Dearborn with a Major in Biochemistry and have been in Michigan for the last 10 years. I graduated from John F. Kennedy HS in 2013 taking 5 AP courses and began college with 12 credits. Since graduating high school, I have done both elementary and college tutoring for a wide range of subjects, but primarily the sciences. At my university, I am/have been an SI for Organic Chemistry and a variety of Psychology courses.

An SI (Supplemental Instructor) is a kind of guided instruction supervisor who helps to facilitate group learning for the subject away from class time. I have done this since freshman year winter semester beginning with Abnormal Psychology. I like tutoring and teaching because it's very dynamic. I enjoy seeing the student's perspective and how they approach the material vs how they should change their method of thinking. True comprehension of the material is always the focus as opposed to memorization.

I try to take a more hands off approach and let the student tackle the problems or questions as much as possible, with occasional guidance from me. I think this is very important as independence with the material is the goal.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Michigan-Dearborn - Current Undergrad, Biochemistry

ACT Composite: 31

Soccer, Basketball

Anatomy & Physiology

College Biology

College Chemistry

College English

General Chemistry

High School Biology

High School Chemistry

High School English

Middle School Science