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I have always been a writer. It is something that comes naturally for me. Starting at a young age I began keeping journals, and then in undergraduate school I majored in philosophy, which further enhanced my abilities as a writer.

Based on my background in philosophy, I am able to help students refine their reasoning and analytical abilities. What I learned about writing and editing academic papers during undergraduate school I have found to translate very easily to relevant skills for many other academic subjects. The ability to think critically, to form a coherent argument, to edit a paper, and to craft a persuasive essay are all tasks I am very familiar with and capable of helping students to excel at performing.

In addition to always having been a writer, I’ve always been an avid reader and “book worm” as well. Thus, if you are wanting to improve your reading and comprehension skills, that is also something I am able to help with too. (The areas I am most familiar with, in regards to more advanced reading, include philosophy, psychology, world religions, and nutrition.)

After completing my bachelors degree in philosophy, I went on to complete a masters degree in counseling, with a specialization in transpersonal psychology. My background in counseling has helped to shape who I am both as a person and as a teacher. I’ve taken what I learned from working as a counselor and used it to create a teaching style that is both personable and compassionate. Patience to me is the key in any learning context, as well as bringing a sense of humor and fun to each lesson. Based on my background in counseling, I feel comfortable helping students who are also working to learn more about the principles of psychology and their application.

After completing my masters degree in psychology, I went on to become a world traveler for several years, moving to and teaching in both Thailand and Taiwan. I completed a certification for teaching English as a foreign / second language and taught English in both countries. In those situations, I gained valuable experience teaching English to all ages and ability levels of students, including young children, high school students, and adults. Based on my background in teaching TESL and TEFL, I feel comfortable teaching and helping students who are working to improve their English abilities, whether that pertains to simple conversation or more detailed reading, writing, and / or grammar.

Outside of tutoring on-line, I enjoy living in Colorado, spending time with family and friends, enjoying the great outdoors, listening to music, watching movies, getting exercise, and just having fun in life in general. I also remain dedicated to and passionate about life-long and on-going learning with regard to many areas of study, including, philosophy, world religions, psychology, spirituality, health, nutrition, science, and more.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Purchase College, State University of New York - Bachelors, Philosophy

Graduate Degree:

 John F. Kennedy University - Masters, Counseling Psychology

Interests: World Religions, Holistic Health & Nutrition, Spirituality & Mysticism, Philosophy, Psychology, Counseling / Psychotherapy, Music, Movies, Nature, International Travel & Foreign Cultures, U.S. Politics, International Relations, Yoga, Meditation, Science, and Poetry. Hobbies: Nature hiking, yoga, meditation, reading, on-line learning, watching movies, listening to music, exercise, spending time with family and friends, travel.

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