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My teaching philosophy for over 10 years has been based on active learning in which the student becomes a critical and analytical thinker as well as a problem solver of the material being covered. Furthermore, I believe patience, compassion, understanding, and care for the student’s needs are necessary factors in the learning process. Moreover, establishing a positive rapport with the student and creating an atmosphere conducive to learning is as important as my having command of the subject matter. Having instructed a variety of business courses at universities and community colleges, I have found using a more nurturing style presents positive results than one of rigidity. If the student discerns I am truly interested in their taking hold of the material at their learning pace, the student is more comfortable and receptive of me. Comprehending and gaining knowledge is vital to the student’s success.

Furthermore, and lastly, teaching is an art whether face-to-face or online. Anyone can pick up a text and instruct a student to read these chapters or those pages. A major challenge for a teacher or tutor is to transmit knowledge to the student in an efficient and stimulating manner with comprehension combined with remembrance of the material being the fundamental outcome. To this end, my goal is to equip students with a set of conceptual tools to navigate through the often contradictory and ambiguous mass of information within a course to clutch a firm understanding of the material to be acquired.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Bellevue University - Bachelors, Bachelor of Science / Human Resource Management

Graduate Degree:

 Bellevue University - Masters, Management of Arts / Management

Reading / Learning Biking / Walking Animals (especially Reptiles) Travel Crafts Movies


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High School Business

High School Economics

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