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Hello! My name is Hannah. I moved to Madison from New York in January this year (2016).

I hold an BA in Global Studies from LIU Global, and my undergraduate thesis was on the role of play and games in learning. My approach to teaching is strongly informed by the importance of kindling our curiosities and passion for the subjects we focus on. A lot of my experience as a student has been in environments that emphasize experiential learning. The way I see it, language learning is about learning a new form of expression, and cultivating a comfort and confidence with it.

This can be geared towards specific environments. I am particularly experienced in working 1-on-1 or with small groups to identify individual interests and needs, defining at least one clear goal for the each lesson, and a general goal to work towards with students. That goal can be a personal goal, a professional or practical goal, or something in between.

I have taught classes and tutored formally and informally in a variety of different settings, including diverse cultural settings; anywhere from tutoring English privately in Thailand, or providing Spanish lessons for homeschooling students, to providing homework help and support in time management for my younger brother. I tend to use games, movies, music and interactive tools in lessons, combined with worksheets and quizzes where I see them to be appropriate. I strongly encourage students to find fun ways to benefit from daily practice(20 minutes a day over 1-2 hours once a week).

I look forward to being a part of your learning process!

Undergraduate Degree:

 LIU Global - Bachelors, Global Studies

Guitar/music, poetry, writing, frisbee, crochet, teaching, basketball

College English

Conversational Spanish

High School English

Spanish 1