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Education is the most important aspect that transforms a human’s life, because of education (or the lack of it) a person’s life it’s going to be affected through all the time. All and every single one of the students deserves the most high quality education with high prepared teachers, as well to receive the necessary opportunities to achieve his or her academic goals. It´s convenient to remark that nowadays people never stop learning, therefore we've become an “all-life learners”
I’ve had the opportunity to work with students in a classroom, by face to face tutoring and online tutoring for the last 7 years. I obtained my degree as an Industrial Mechanic Engineer at the Institute Technological of Chihuahua and I've practiced my profession working for a multinational oil-producer company. I’ve also worked by myself founding my own business in the industry of construction materials for 18 years.
Because of my formation as an engineer, I’m highly orientated in the teaching of math and diverse sciences. Also as a lover and avid reader of Latin-American culture, I feel strongly attracted to the teaching of Spanish. Being these two areas: Math and Spanish, where I’ve specialized during the last 8 years as tutor.
I strongly believe that education is the most important weapon we have to fight poverty, inequalities and lack of opportunities in a highly competitive and demanding world. I’m thoroughly convinced that all the students are capable to learn, but we’ve to provide them a personalized instruction that best adapts to their very own personal learning styles and interests.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Instituto Tecnologico de Chihuahua - Bachelors, Mechanical Engineer / Industrial Engineer

read, movies, watch sports

Conversational Spanish

Spanish 1