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I attained my degree in Cell and Molecular Biology at Missouri State University, where I graduated in December of 2014. Along with this degree, I acquired minors in Chemistry and Business. I am currently enrolled at the University of Missouri-Kansas City as a dental student. I will be graduating with my Doctor of Dental Surgery in May of 2019. While attending Missouri State, I worked in our tutoring center as a science tutor for several years. The majority of students that came for assistance were working with general chemistry. I frequently helped with other courses, such as Anatomy and Physiology, Organic Chemistry, Biology, and Genetics. I am also qualified to tutor other science courses such as Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology. I was also in a fraternity at Missouri State, where I would frequently help younger members with their classes. I would do a lot of paper editing, and I have a very keen eye for grammar and sentence structure. I also have experience with math tutoring and am capable of tutoring all math courses up to Algebra. I have assisted a few of my cousins who are in middle and high school, in addition to assisting some of my friends in preparation for the GRE, particularly with Quantitative Reasoning.

My favorite subjects to tutor are Anatomy/Physiology and math. Anatomy and Physiology are fun to tutor because there is a lot of logic involved with them and by ensuring the understanding of the basic concepts with these courses, you can logically work through any complex question presented to you. These classes also get you to think deeper than a surface level or just the memorization of facts, which I believe is what learning actually is. Math is also one of my favorite classes to tutor because I have a very solid understanding of it. Similar to Anatomy and Physiology, math uses a lot of logic, which allows you to understand and learn concepts that will stick with you rather than learning them for a test and then discarding this information.

I would like to describe my teaching philosophy as a means of challenging students. It is essential to initially evaluate what information the student knows and what they are struggling with. This enables me to encourage the student and compliment them on what they know, while still targeting the other areas they are not as comfortable with at the same time. Once I know the concepts a student is comfortable with, I can expand from these so students can understand more complex concepts holistically rather than as different segments. I like to challenge students by questioning them as we work through a problem. By challenging students to work through a problem based on their knowledge, it allows them to see possible flaws with their logic so they will not make the same mistake in the future. This also enhances their understanding of a concept because they are seeing where the mistake was rather than me simply pointing it out to them.

Outside of academia, I am interested in a variety of things. As I briefly mentioned, I was in a fraternity at Missouri State. I enjoy being very social and networking with a lot of people. I was also in an organization called University Ambassadors in college. With this organization, I served as the public relations team for the university by coordinating and giving tours to prospective students and their families. I am also interested in sports. In high school, I played basketball, baseball, and soccer. I have continued to play sports at a recreational level throughout my college career at Missouri State and University of Missouri-Kansas City. I enjoy going to family functions and embracing those who are close to me.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Missouri State University-Springfield - Bachelors, Cell and Molecular Biology (Minors in Chemistry and Business)

Graduate Degree:

 University of Missouri-Kansas City - Current Grad Student, Dental School

Sports and traveling

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