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Undergraduate Degree:

 Florida State University - Bachelors, Elementary Education

Graduate Degree:

 Kennesaw State University - Masters, Middle Grades Education

music (piano), running, jigsaw puzzles


College Business

College Economics

College Geography

College Level American History

College World History

Elementary School Math

High School Business

High School Economics

High School Geography

High School Level American History

High School World History




US History

What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe every child can learn. Each student has a different learning style, and as a tutor, it is my responsibility to find the students' learning style and how to best teach the material. I also believe in helping students to increase self-esteem and confidence so they can tackle the difficult concepts and succeed.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

Get to know the student and find out what his/her goals are. We may do an assessment pretest as well.

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

Increase confidence, give positive reinforcement, and give the student study skills to use when faced with a challenging concept.

How would you help a student stay motivated?

Positive feedback. Make learning fun by using games.