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As a native of southern Ontario in Ontario (Canada) I studied economics and microbiology as an undergraduate. I remember taking my first course in economics and trying making sense out of new concepts. It seemed unfathomable that health economics would become an important part of what I do today.

During my career, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to make a difference in helping people gain access to new medical treatment, as well as influence healthcare decision makers to understand the need to focus on creating value for patients through applied economics and behavioral science.

Today, I work with entrepreneurs, business educators, and students to help them achieve their goals through economics, new health technology, and greater understanding of individual (customer) needs.

Enjoy working with students and my approach is through joint learning. My goal is to understand what each student needs and determine the best way for me to help them achieve. I aim to make the learning process fun and relevant. Helping build each student's confidence is so important and is an important key to success.

Undergraduate Degree:

 McMaster University - Bachelors, Economics, Microbiology

Graduate Degree:

 McMaster University - Masters, Management Sciences, Health Economics

Outdoor sports, Coaching young entrepreneurs and mentoring students entering college, travel, hockey, football


AP Economics


College Business

College Economics

High School Business

High School Economics


Public Health

Study Skills and Organization