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I am a sophomore at Wentworth Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering. I am a very logical and theoretical person in the sense that I feel the need to know the reason behind why things work as they do. Which is why I have chosen a career in the STEM field and am more than willing to share my passion and knowledge with others.

As I progressed through math levels, more often, my classmates would ask what math was useful for outside of school. At the time, I did not know how to respond, but I knew the question came from the frustration caused by trying to comprehend the material. What I now have to say is that solving challenging math problems results in more than an "irrelevant" solution. In the process of finding the solution to an equation, you develop problem-solving skills, endurance and confidence; all important qualities for a successful life. Do the work to become a better person, that is what math is useful for. Really, that is what everything is useful for. You have to be willing to explore new things. You never know what you can get out of it. A well-rounded person is of high value out in the real world.

I have been raised by Dominican parents who have placed great importance on their language and culture. So much so that even though I was born here, my education from pre-school to first grade is from their homeland. Spanish was the first language I learned to read and write in. Since then have continued to use these skills in communicating with my family and friends. In high school, I took 3 years of Spanish at a native leave where we practiced our communication skills while learning about Hispanic history.

If nothing else, I hope to evoke a thirst for knowledge and an appreciation for community, in those who I have the opportunity to work with.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Wentworth Institute of Technology - Current Undergrad, Civil Engineering

I am very interested connecting my passion for math with my devotion to our youth. I enjoying making plans for the future; be it travel plans or long term goals.