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Tutoring is a very valuable way to invest in the future. I have had good and bad tutors in my experience. When a student excels in their learning, then it not only encourages them to keep moving forward, but it gives the tutor a sense of accomplishment. It is really a win/win situation. I believe in a variety of tutoring methods. No two people are the exact same. One person might learn best from explaining things in writing; another student might succeed in a verbal approach. Developing a relationship helps as well. This helps the student to be comfortable and to see that there is a real interest on my side to invest in them. I will do my very best to help you excel in your area of weakness. You deserve to succeed and I want to help you see that happen!

Undergraduate Degree:

 Bethel College-Mishawaka - Bachelors, Liberal Studies

sports, games, outdoor activities

College Geography

Conversational Spanish

High School Geography

Spanish 1