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I worked as a tutor for the Agnes Scott Center for Writing and Speaking for three years and during that time, I have tutored over 150 students papers and presentations. During my time there, I have come to love watching students improve and grow in their writing. Although it can be frustrating at times, the frustration that can sometimes arise from tutoring is nothing compared to the feeling of success when I watch a student finally take off. I have also acted as a course tutor, or teacher assistant in college courses where I worked closely with a specific course and professor throughout an academic semester. My role in the classroom was to encourage discussion, design lesson plans to teach different aspects of successful writing and speaking, and work closely with students to ensure their success with both the material for the course and their writing.

I consider myself a great tutor because I am flexible in my tutoring style and am able to adapt my tutoring sessions so that they are the most beneficial for the individual I am working with. I frequently employ different tactics to assist students with their writing such as Venn diagrams, outlines, and brain dumps. During which, the student is encouraged to get out all of their ideas, no matter how unrelated or bizarre and I scribble down what I hear the student saying. I have found that this is helpful for students because, often, students struggle with articulating their ideas and if they have someone to vent them to, it is much easier for them to organize them.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Agnes Scott College - Bachelors, English Literature and French

I love going to the theatre,DIY projects, ballet Pokemon, hiking, Game of Thrones, mentoring teens, finding new restaurants, and arts and crafts festivals (especially the Renaissance Fair!)

College English

Comparative Literature

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French 1

High School English


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Study Skills and Organization