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I believe in life-long learning. This expression is used all the time, so it's on me to prove it. I have spent nearly 20 years in college-level courses, either part- or full-time.

I've been tutoring for about 20 years, as well, all levels from middle-school to post-graduate, depending on the subject matter. I DO like to teach, and it's bliss when the thing a student most needs to know is also a thing I know very, very well. There are few experiences that can make me sleep better at night.

Most of the subjects I have tutored are in math, but I also enjoy physics, social media, Web design, and Rhetoric (this last I have taught in the classroom for eight years - it involves persuasive communication via speaking and writing).

When I teach, I would really like to see students DO what we're talking about, or even TEACH IT BACK TO ME and to others. Once you teach, that's pretty convincing evidence that you have learned.

I think that's why I am teaching all the time. I mean, I know that whenever we are around young people we are teaching whether we know it or not. And since I also know that to teach is evidence that we have learned, I want to exercise that skill all the time.

That is how I use social media most of the time, as a matter of fact, and that's what I love about social media. But I also have interests that I will use social media to discuss: Cleveland sports, food and restaurants, movies, science fiction and comics, and pro wrestling. But even when I talk about personal interests, I consider that a potential teaching opportunity.

I look forward to working with you.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Akron Main Campus - Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Degree:

 University of Akron Main Campus - Masters, Mechanical Engineering

My hobbies include: reading/writing sci-fi/GEEK chic Food/cooking/restaurants Movies Cleveland sports Pro wrestling