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I am currently pursuing bachelor's degrees in mathematics and music performance. In high school, I found that I enjoyed helping my friends with math, so when I got to college, I decided to become a tutor. Ever since, I have been helping students from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. What sets me apart is my empathy. It wasn't long ago that I was taking calculus, and I remember what it feels like not to understand the material. Although I love mathematics, I completely understand why many students don't. So, even though I do my best to show my students that math is beautiful, I feel it is much more important to show them that they are capable of excelling in mathematics even if they never come to like it.

To me, teaching is more listening than it is talking. Most students know more about themselves than they realize, so I ask many questions to get to know my students. My goal is to help a student to become independent. To me, tutoring should be working yourself out of a job: if I do my job correctly, they shouldn’t need me anymore.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Nevada-Las Vegas - Current Undergrad, Mathematics

playing the piano and watching Netflix