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My name is Rudy Ramirez. I am proud to be a tutor for Varsity Tutors and look forward to helping students overcome their worries and hone their math skills.

I strongly believe specialized and sincere care for students significantly increases their performance in the classroom and life. When students receive undivided attention from teachers, it allows them to think more clearly and reduce the anxiety that comes from classroom settings. Encouraging students and building their self-confidence with positivity and recognition establishes solid foundations.

As a young child, I was selected to a non-profit educational program giving education opportunities to disadvantaged youth. I was selected on the basis of my excellent grades and high test scores. Since I went to a low funded elementary public school, I wasn't being challenged to reach my full potential. The program recognized this and placed me in Houston's top private schools.

I struggled initially because the new environment caused me great anxiety and loss of self confidence. I soon realized my frame of mind greatly impacted my performance in the classroom. I was not happy with my new surroundings and needed specialized attention away from classmates. I began being tutored after and before school. My grades improved significantly because I began to develop better habits, which gradually decreased the anxieties I felt. My confidence and character greatly benefitted because of the help I received.

I was eventually entrusted as a high school junior to tutor math students entering the non-profit program. My senior year in high school, I thought whole classrooms both in English and Spanish. My students received top test scores and were accepted into Houston's best private schools.

I enjoy helping students overcome their weaknesses and build upon their strengths. I strongly believe decreasing stress is a key to doing well in life. I am compassionate about students needs and develop plans that are effective in increasing their intuitive thinking, reasoning, independence and other strong character building traits. I look forward to teaching and seeing great results from my students with the support I once received.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Southwestern University - Bachelors, Business

Playing and watching sports. Spending time with family.


College Business

Elementary School Math

High School Business