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Hi. I'm Scott Zweydorff. I've been a tutor for about 5 years. I am trying to tutor more frequently, now that I have a math degree, while I wait to begin graduate school for math in the fall. Before I developed a passion for math, I was a student of visual art and music. In fact, I became interested in math because I began (suddenly, with a little help from art manifestos) to see it as sculpture. (In my free time, I create computer animation using both math and programming skills.) As I tutor, I like to communicate this enthusiasm. For instance, learning to graph functions is simultaneously to learn how to draw various curves with algebraic formulas. So the symbols and numbers can be looked at like a code for drawing pictures with as much precision as desired. Along the same lines, solving equations is lot like playing chess. The 'x' piece has to be moved around according to the rules of the game so that it ends up along on one side of the equals sign. But bigger than any particular type of problem and solution is the way that understanding math can sharpen a person's perception of the world. Math as a discipline trains us to think more logically and more exactly. We become more aware of what we know and how well we know it.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Louisville - Bachelors, mathematics

GRE Quantitative: 160

GRE Verbal: 170

Computer programming, walking when it's sunny outside, playing guitar...