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Hey, I am a recent college graduate who majored in Physics. In my time at college, I felt as though most of my professors were brilliant people, but were too involved in their research to focus much on teaching or be accessible to students. For this reason, I make an effort to be enthusiastic, accessible, and genuine in my teaching. I know what is hard and what is easy, and I have tutored my friends and nearby high school students in math, physics, chemistry, and standardized tests, and I love writing on dry-erase boards.

I enjoy tutoring because, for me, teaching students about mathematics and science is about giving them intuition, confidence, and ultimately, an appreciation for the beauty of the subject matter. Math & science are not just subjects to pass. They underlie very real things, like why raindrops bead up on a windshield, or why the sky is blue and sunsets are red. Mathematical and scientific intuition gives students a very real *power* of looking at the world, seeing its logic, its beauty, and knowing why things happen.

As a physics major, I used calculus in all of my courses and have an intuition for many of the concepts. I prize mathematical intuition over rigor, and I use visualizations and illustrations, because I know that the majority of students are visual learners, like me. I even created an infographic poster in one of my classes, on the topic of mathematical objects and proofs. I designed it to make learning math fun, accessible, and visually striking.

The areas of science I know best are physics and chemistry (my minor). I have looked up a lot of articles in my free time and know a good number of common examples (preferably visual) and cool facts to illustrate a concept. I use these to make the material interesting and relevant to my students. I know what most of the elements on the periodic table look like, and I genuinely like explaining things ––and if my students don't understand it one way, I am happy to explain it another way.

If you are having trouble with math, physics, or chemistry, I would love to help you. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you!

Undergraduate Degree:

 Stanford University - Bachelors, Physics

SAT Composite: 2250

SAT Math: 770

SAT Verbal: 720

SAT Writing: 760

AP Chemistry: 5

AP Calculus BC: 5

AP English Language: 5

AP US History: 5

AP Computer Science A: 5

AP Environmental Science: 5

AP Spanish Language: 4

Chocolate, Minecraft, Going to the gym