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I love learning. This became apparent when my mother sadly let go of my hand on my first school bus ride several days into 1st grade classes. As the bus pulled up to Cleveland Road in Cleveland, Ohio I yanked my hand away from my mother and bolted towards the bus yelling “okay, bye!” I had no idea she was crying until she told me years later. I wasn't even afraid of the new experience of riding the school bus. I was so excited by school and learning that my sole focus was on that shiny yellow school bus getting me to another day in elementary school. I was ready.

My love for learning turned into a love for sharing what I know. Observing my favorite teachers, instructors and mentors, I could sense that they were not only teaching me, but were open to learning themselves. I carry their lessons with me today. These teachers were great not only because they were teaching what they loved or because they paid attention to me. They were great because they taught me not for school, but for life.

I tutor because my experiences have shown me that I too have the ability to help students gain long-lasting academic achievement and the tools that will help them on their path long after I'm around. I want to help them sharpen the tools in their arsenal for a life of confidence. I want to take my “love to learn” and show the students that I tutor the beauty of learning for life.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Northwestern University - Bachelors, Communications- Radio/Television/Film

Graduate Degree:

 Northwestern University - Medill School of Journalism - Masters, Reporting

Writing, Photography, Health, Music, Running, Pilates

College English

High School English

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Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization