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The main reason why I like math is that I practiced doing a lot of problems. This will increase the speed to solve problems. It was always fun for me to solve problems. I find problems as a bunch of clues that help to you solve 'riddle' and that is your final answer. Currently I am in Cerritos community college student planning to pursue my bachelors degree in mathematics and masters then PhD to become a math professor. I always helped my friends in school and college to do their work in math class. They always told me that I can be a good teacher and they understand every thing that I teach them. This really motivated me to become a math professor.
My favorite topics in math are algebra, precalculus and calculus. For most of the higher math classes a student have to know algebra. If a person is good at the basis of math they he or she can take any higher math classes without any difficulties. I spend in a lot of my time in algebra that made it my favorite. Since precalculus and calculus have to deal with a lot of algebra i like them too.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Cerritos College - Current Undergrad, Mathematics

Undergraduate Degree:

 UCLA - BA, Mathematics

Badminton, cycling, bollywood dance