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As someone who has always embraced tutoring and the opportunity to further grow students through through this practice, I know I am the best tutor available to help achieve your goals. I believe that my background and analytical capabilities can bring value to you in a critical period in your life.

Many people believe tutoring to just be a job. Its implications do not have an impact beyond a test or course. Still others believe that tutoring is about solely sharing materials or just giving instructions. This is where I fundamentally differ in approach. For every student that I tutor, there are not just tricks to be learned on a test, but there are concepts and ideas to be understood. My approach has always been a blend of strategy and relationship. To solely teach technique is to strip the student of any ability to tackle original problems. To merely focus on concepts is to starve a student of the efficiency needed to demonstrate skills students have to educational institutions. Both technique and knowledge must be instilled in every student to truly prepare students for standardized tests, but also their academic careers afterwards. Finally, I believe the glue to all this is the relationship between the tutor and student. Over the years, my patience, fortitude, and understanding have been tested and sharpened as I’ve taught every new kid with their unique challenges. These attributes are absolutely critical to the trust that must be developed to facilitate education.

My approach has worked with absolutely undeniable results. Students taking the PSAT and SAT have found their numbers jump beyond what they could have expected. But beyond these tests, there is an underlying indicator I must share. Often times, students are in need of teachers because of their lack of interest in the topic. Through my time and effort, there have been many students who have come to love the subjects learned. So much so, that they continued to want to grow their understanding of the materials. For example, I have gone on to train students to compete in prestigious regional, state, and national mathematics competitions. This could not be possible with the philosophy of just “teaching the test”. Teaching the concepts to the greatest extent students could understand led to a love of learning that, I can proudly say, still drives their academic careers to this day. Using this approach, their love of learning grows and their test scores always follow.

It is my belief that a commitment to continual learning and utilizing my approach is what makes me the strongest candidate to be your tutor. It means nothing if a candidate can merely teach about a test, but cannot relate to you. Similarly, limited value can be derived if a candidate can explain problems and solutions, but can not analyze or come up with solutions. I am confident that I can sufficiently do both and help you excel. I know you need to pass a test or receive a certain score. More likely than not, you are in a critical part of your life. Let my experience and approach be the driving force to help you achieve the results you need!

Joseph Kim

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Chicago - Bachelors, Economics

Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Football, and Cooking


College Business

College Economics

GMAT Quantitative

High School Business

High School Economics


Quantitative Reasoning