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Education unlocks the pathways to a world of opportunity, success, and imagination. As an educator, I thrive from seeing my students develop skills and concepts needed to feel empowered, inspired and happy in their education.

I graduated from Augustana College with a BA in Elementary Education and a minor in Art. Since then, I have been an educator in a variety of areas, including Art, English (certified TEFL instructor), and Elementary. My most recent teaching position was teaching 3rd grade for six years at a college prep K-12 school in Colorado. During these years, I attained my Masters Degree through Lesley University in Integrated Teaching Through the Arts, where my methods of instruction focused on reaching all students' needs through various art modalities. Understanding is achieved by connecting through perspective; I feel confident in guiding students in their understanding through communicating in a variety of ways--visually, spatially, kinesthetically, and logically.

Outside of academics, I enjoy my time with my family in the outdoors hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, camping, and travelling. I participate in a community band, playing my clarinet, and I enjoy oil painting from my travelling experiences. My two-year-old daughter keeps my life fresh and full of fascination, and I so enjoy trying to see the world through her eyes and be a "kid" with her.

As a tutor, my role is not to give the answers, but to guide the student towards fully learning and retaining the knowledge taught. Understanding how to apply questions and thoughts to the real world and making connections to the students' lives is what I strive for in showing my students. Education is about feeling ready to take on new challenges with confidence so one can better appreciate and explore the world around them.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Augustana College - Bachelors, Elementary Education

Graduate Degree:

 Lesley University - Masters, Curriculum & Instruction

 State Certified Teacher
hiking, travelling, camping, music, photography, painting, cooking, skiing, snowshoeing

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