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I am currently in my last semester at Wheaton College in Norton, MA and will be graduating in May with a BA in Mathematics, Secondary Education, and Hispanic Studies. I am conversationally proficient in Spanish as well. When I graduate in May I will be officially licensed to teach secondary mathematics. I am student teaching Statistics and Algebra 2 at Boston Latin School this spring and job searching for full time teaching positions for the academic year beginning August 2016.

I have extensive tutoring experience in mathematics. My experience varies from working with struggling underprivileged students to one on one tutoring including middle, high school and college students. Although my formal tutoring experience encompasses high school and college age students I have had a significant amount of experience with younger children; thus, I believe I would have no problem tutoring them as well. Through my vast experience I have learned the benefits of working individually with students. Working one on one allows me to tailor my instructions to the individual student based on his or her learning style and specific areas of difficulty. During individual instruction I ask the student questions and encourage him/her to re-explain material in an effort to ensure that the student understands the material by metacognition. This also allows me to identify what the student is struggling with and/or what misconceptions s/he may have as the source of difficulty with the material. During individual tutoring sessions I can also tailor my explanations to the interests of the student. This will help the student to be more interested and invested in the material, subsequently, helping him/her learn more effectively and efficiently. I also strive to add real world applications to all mathematical problems. Real world applications encourage students by reinforcing how critical mathematical skills are for everyday life and in their pursuit of future careers.

When I am not teaching or studying mathematics I love to be active. My main hobbies include skiing and running. I have always been a very active person and love to spend the day outside. At the end of the day I love to lounge on the couch and watch a movie. Overall, I am a very energetic and hard working person.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Wheaton College (Massachusetts) - Current Undergrad, Mathematics, Secondary Education, & Hispanic Studies

Skiing and running