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Hello, my name is Romin Stuart-Rasi. I am a 21 year old physics major, and I will be attending graduate school in August. My favorite physics subject would have to be gravity (general relativity). I fell in love with the subject at 16, and I will be doing research in Loop Quantum Gravity in graduate school.

I've tutored for over 2 years now, and I have picked up many different techniques in order to handle the various learning styles students have. My main tutoring approach is to look at how students solves problems on their homework. If I see that they are messing up, I correct them there. Doing this allows me to not only share any information they are missing, but it also allows them to see how to correctly solve the problem as they would on a test.

Undergraduate Degree:

 MSU Denver - Current Undergrad, Physics

video games, basketball, research papers in his field, weightlifting