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My name is Seibou. I'm originally from Togo. I moved here during the summer 2011. I came here with no English background but I was able to speak English by the end of the summer and started my university classes.

I majored in Mathematics and Economics, and while going to school I tutored Math and General Statistics for 3 years. I first started tutoring students in 2012 at Northwest Missouri State University, aiding students that were doing poorly in their classes. Then I moved to the Math Lab in the same school where students can come in for help whenever they want. I loved it. I discovered then that my passion is teaching.

I told you my experience to start off to let you guys know that nothing is impossible and Math is FUN. You just need a teacher to make it that way for you and you will love it.

I tutored Math and General Statistics for 3 years.

I grew up speaking French. French is my native language.

I will show you ways to make math fun for you.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Northwest Missouri State University - Bachelors, Economics, Mathematics

Soccer, sports generally


Business Statistics

College Business

College Economics

Conversational French

French 1

High School Business

High School Economics